We offer imaginative and innovative photography rooted in classic composition, a balance of color, creative lighting and close attention to detail. Our artistic talents are supported by state-of-the-art hi-res digital photo equipment using medium (2-1/4″) and large (4″ x 5″) format cameras capable of recording 112 MB image files in a single capture.

Blass Photography has two drive-in studios offering over 2,000 square feet of space with 15-foot ceilings. A full on-set working kitchen is available for food photography, and adjoining the studios is a complete prop shop for set construction and model building.

Our photographs appear regularly on the covers of a variety of trade and consumer magazines, advertising, print collateral and displays.

Woody Woodworth, our Director of Photography and an experienced lighting/set designer and model maker, maintains strict control over every image. With over 25 years as a commercial photographer, he has shot for many Fortune 500 companies, and his images have won national acclaim.